Business Advisory Services
Business Advisory Services


F3Bas offers realistic solutions for the corporate as well as to the public sector. We have been operating for many years in the field of consultancy, providing assistance to national and international institutions, both public and private, to SMEs, to large corporate groups and to joint stock companies in a variety of sectors.


The F3BAS, offers integrated, strategic and operational consultancy services for both public and private bodies, institutions, administrations and governments in the fields of:

  • Internationalization;
  • Policy and strategy management;
  • Business and private sector development;
  • Change and organization management;
  • Innovation management.


F3Bas is proud of our established and recognized knowledge of the specific dynamics and issues related to the internationalization of companies in terms of:

Where to export to, where to import from

  • Market evaluation, identification and provision of the relevant information;
  • Evaluation of foreign countries for both import and export purposes with specific, qualified and tailor made country analysis;

 How to export, how to import, where to manufacture

  • Analysis and identification assistance for the optimal modalities for investment and business
  • Legal, fiscal and foreign exchange exposure consulting services in Europe and abroad;
  • Assistance in the organization and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad;
  • Provision for the most appropriate solutions for credit support in project financing with foreign countries (subsidized loans and export credits, export credit insurance, works and goods contract opportunities funded through international development projects, aid and T.A. projects abroad).


  • Training and upgrading of human resources skills and tools for those involved in SME finance/commercialization and general foreign business development


The technical assistance activities are focused on the following points:

  • Programs and projects identification and design;
  • Tenders identification,selection and evaluation;
  • Technical and financial implementation of projects and programs;
  • Operational Management services for project management unit;
  • Project monitoring, both intermediate and final project evaluation


F3BAS offers economic, financial, market and social analysis and studies. In our endeavor for continuous higher quality results, we believe in the following principles:

Accuracy in the our analysis by the application of innovative, approved and value added service methodologies that offer indications scenarios and response planning as well as operational recommendations with practical content geared for facilitated implementation.


F3BAS is specialized in the evaluation and monitoring of programs and projects. F3BAS implements and utilizes the methodologies tested, adopted and utilized by the major international donors and focused on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

We offer:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Mid-term evaluation, project control, follow-up and final evaluation of projects.


F3BAS has extensive and hands on experience in the management of complex, multi-country national and international projects.

F3BAS experts have a thorough knowledge of the various procedures and planning processes of all the major international donors (EU, World Bank, UN Agencies).


F3BAS has extensive experience in training and transfer of know-how for the specific needs of both the private as well as for government institutions. Constant interaction between these two sector has allowed us to continuously improved our methodologies and tools so as to offer clear and measurable added value

F3BAS has developed considerable experience, both nationally and internationally, working with the business community, academia and the most important Business Schools in Europe.

Our training services are geared to the following principles:

Continuous updating of topics, methodologies and tools expressed clearly through practical and interactive analysis of real cases so as to provide participants with the specific and necessary tool box.

Seminario Assolombarda Confindustria a Milano 27 Novembre 2018
Programma dei Lavori
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Seminario CUOA a Vicenza
Nelle costruzioni si vince all’estero creando alleanze - Economia - Il Giornale di Vicenza
Nelle costruzioni si vince all’estero cr[...]
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Studio della Banca d'Italia: "La partecipazione delle imprese edili italiane al procurement della Banca Mondiale"
Documento Adobe Acrobat [546.8 KB]
Programma "FOCUS AZERBAIJAN", Confindustria Perugia 13 Maggio 2015
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Banca Mondiale: partecipare con successo a un bando, il caso della SI Produzioni
Articolo FASI BM.pdf
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Sole 24 Ore "Infrastrutture e Città"
Banca Mondiale, contratti per 550 milioni nel 2013 alle imprese italiane.
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Evento in collaborazione con F3Bas
Conferenza "Fondi UE 2014-2020 e Finanziamenti Internazionali Opportunità per i professionisti e i loro clienti" - Milano 18 settembre 2014
PROGRAMMA - Evento professionisti Milano[...]
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